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Nigeria's First Health and Fitness Board Game

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LifeChamp™ is a health educational and fitness board game which helps families (children aged 8+ and adults) learn about health, nutrition and exercise while having fun.

LifeChamp™ empowers people with the skill and information needed to make the right diet and lifestyle choices enabling them to live healthier and longer.

LifeChamp™ is is also a public health tool which covers themes such as nutrition, safety, hygiene and sexual and reproductive health.

Features and Benefits

It encourages team-work, leadership and social interaction which are skills which are needed to be built in children early on

It Equips people with skills to make the right dietary and lifestyle choices

Children can teach themselves accurately about healthy eating just by playing the board game

The Family Edition has 150 Quiz questions that covers health, food and nutrition, exercise and lifestyle, safety and hygiene topics

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